Is your JOB giving you what you really want out of life?

Travelling for work?

Design your life and decide where YOU want to work - your office can be anywere you have your laptop

Executive Income without the hours

When your working a J.O.B. your paid for the hours you work, but with a business like ours your paid for the value you add to people

What is it you really desire - More Freedom, Independence, Security, Money, More Fun?

About Us

Hi, our names are Karen and Stephen Evans, as well as having two great children we've been able to build multiple businesses. Our home business creates the flexibility and freedom to enjoy the travel and experiences that come with that.

Executive income from part time hours

When your working a J.O.B. your paid for the hours you work at a rate the company thinks your worth. With a home based business like ours you are paid for the value you provide regardless of how little time it takes you.

No cold calling or hassling your friends

This is a real business with industry leading products - that are high in demand in the new business economy - being home based business its flexible - in fact you can run it from anywhere in the world.
Too many people are just existing, working in J.O.B.s (Just Over Broke) spending hours every week traveling to a job that they don't enjoy just in order to pay the bills for the things they don't really want in the first place.

What is worse is that there is no security in working for a boss anymore. Even careers in banking and Government roles are under threat and people are living with the constant issue of being downsized or made redundant. The truth is the only way to have real security is to be in control of your own income, with your own business - but not old style business.

Web based home businesses offer the benefits without the overheads and start up costs, can be operated from anywhere you have a laptop or iPad providing flexibility and high income. We are looking for more people serious about developing their own online business. People who want executive incomes working from home and living the life they desire.

We don't do MLM, sell to friends or have a garage full of stuff. Instead we offer a home business where the products are in high demand and are digital, meaning they are delivered online, without us having to carry stock or have warehouses, storage, staff and transport issues. Best of all because we can expand this business without greater cost we can also share with others how to grow their businesses as well. Like to know more? It costs nothing to find out simply fill in the form on the contact page and we'll be in touch.